Strategies to Effectively Mentor your FIRST team website

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Website mentoring

A big THANK YOU to the Orlando Regional Planning committee for the opportunity to present this workshop for FIRST teams.  Just like with the robot, there are a lot of moving parts with your website. Whether you are looking for tips to create a new team website, improve or manage your existing site or taking over the responsibilities for mentoring your team website here are some tips for what to consider.

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Whether a all in one Wix site or a custom developed site.
Evaluate your goals, needs, resources and opportunities for the best possible site for your team.



Student. Mentors.
Who is responsible?
Skills & experience available?
Sponsor resources?
Who has the information?



You have built a website your students & mentors can help to maintain. Ensure it stays online year to year for the team.

Why create a FIRST team website?

To COMMUNICATE to your stakeholders and DOCUMENT your history year to year. 

Current & Potential Stakeholders

  • Members
  • Parents
  • Mentors
  • Sponsors
  • Local Community
  • FIRST community

What makes good Team website?

  • Team level, name and number
  • Contact information for team/adults — not students
  • Why donate? How to donate?!
  • Robot 
  • History of team
  • About your team
  • Awards
  • Events attending 
  • Community events/ outreach you participate in.
  • Links to FIRST as well as your local FIRST sites.
  • Resources your team has developed to share.

What makes me such an Expert?

My Skills Experience

  • Graphic Design since 1986
  • Website Design since 2000
  • Independent Freelancer since 2004

FIRST Mentor & Volunteer since 2011

FIRST Website experience 

    mentored, host and maintain updates for 1902 websites
  • mentored 1902 website
  • advise, host and maintain updates for 5816 website 
  • designed and manage website 
  • advise and manage website 

Your mission matters!

Check out the Organization Continuity article for tips to build a stronger team. 

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