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Surprises can be stressful, communication campaigns are an investment but discussing and planning for your expectations can ensure peace of mind in your efforts.

Communication Campaigns

Successfully communicating your message with consistent branding of various print and or digital elements requires a plan. Whether it is a one time, annual or occasional event to raise funds, promote an event, run for political office or celebrate an organizational milestone, planning ahead can ensure all of the graphics you need are in the proper format, ready for release on social media or mailings and less stress.

Capital Campaigns

Capital campaigns are critical to the success of many organizations. These efforts may include elements such as brochures, posters, standing banners, graphic Inserts, postcards, articles, labels, and Social Media graphics many in multiple languages and more.

Event Campaigns

Events have a specific and short lifespan.  These campaigns need lead time to get the word out before the event and may include programs, ads, brochures, posters, standing banners, postcards, articles, media back drops, and social media graphics and may require multiple languages to reach your audience.

Political Campaigns

These campaigns have various deadlines for fundraising and elections often needing a logo, website, yard sign and larger signs, postcards and social media graphics with consistent branding to get out the vote!

Organization Milestones

Organizations also have smaller campaign needs, such as anniversaries, launching a new website or addition to your company.

One of the more interesting projects I completed, was a 12-piece project for the 15th anniversary of Cronin Construction.  Over the course of their 15th year, each month they shared pictures and stories of their projects, experiences and growth with their clients. The project also served as a thank you to their clients as well as their employees.

Let’s talk about your Communication Campaigns

Large projects can be daunting and full of stress. But a well planned process and establishing expectations can help reduce your stress and increase the impact of your efforts.

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