Managing a FIRST Team these days is complicated.  Trying to meet the students needs while managing mentors, youth protection policies, digital media, and complex non-profit finances is much more than anyone expects when agreeing to run a FIRST robotics team.  Time with the students is why we do it, so how do we create more time for that and ensure that sustainability of our teams?  Communication and documentation are they keys to managing a less stressful team and recovering some of that “feed your soul” time with the students.

Click on the button below to download the PowerPoint slides from the workshop presented September 21, 2021.  Below that are the quick and easy reference links from the Survive and Thrive presentation.

Coming soon.  The video and quick reference cheat sheets. 

Workshop Easy Reference links

Below is a list of easy clickable links from the powerpoint for your easy access to the options and tools presented.


Closed Communication Tools

Team Cloud Service

File Management

  • Document Template Sample
  • Document index tip: a document in the main folder with a list of folders and some of the critical document links.  If you name the document “1. Google Drive Documents Index” (the labeled with the number will ensure it is at the top alphabetically.

Online Meeting Tools

Imagery & Branding

Digital Media Documentation Tool

Handbook Resources

Culture of FIRST Resources