Simple Branding Guidelines

by | Dec 14, 2020 | Branding

Do you need to improve your organization’s consistent use of your branding elements?

A one page branding guidelines document might be the answer for you.

Perhaps have you have seen the extensive branding guidelines documents created by various organizations.  They include not just the logos, colors, and typography… but also how the logo can and can not be used, white space required, how the logos are used in organization stationary, the logo development story and more.  This may be more daunting a project than you have time to take on at the moment or just more information than anyone in your organization needs. A one page branding highlights document, can be a quick guide to improving the consistent look of your documents and graphics coming out in marketing and documentation.

What does a one page branding guidelines document include?

This can vary based on the needs of the organization.  Generally they include a quick visual of the logo files available, a description, icons, fonts used in the logo or for design purposes, color values and more.

What are the color values used for?

There are four most commonly types of color values included: Pantone (PMS), CMYK, RGB and Hexadecimal.  These color values have different purposes depending on the project.

Click here to learn more about the use of color values.

How do I find fonts or complimentary fonts?

There are numerous avenues depending on your budget and needs. You may already have a logo with specific font(s) used.  First, you want to find out

Click here to learn more about how to find the right fonts and complimentary fonts. (Coming Soon)

How do I decide what to include?

Logos, colors and fonts should be the minimum included on your simple branding guidelines page.

  • What has been the most challenging to for your organization to be consistent about?
  • Is there new information?

Why engage a graphic designer to help with this?

  • A graphic designer can save you time!
  • They already have the tools and knowledge for the information that should be included.
  • Can evaluate your communications efforts to see if there are areas of inconsistency.
  • Give you the outside authority voice to say, “Because the designer said so.”


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