Function, Design and Security…

WordPress web design provide organizations with a responsive site that is easy to manage, update, design, redesign, transfer, upgrade and affordably includes numerous functionalities to grow with your needs.

WordPress Web Design

Your WordPress website is an extension of what you hope to achieve and a window for your visitors to connect with you.

Your WordPress Web Design Project

  • Be an extension of your brand
  • Reflect your business mission and values
  • Inform your visitors about your organization and available products/services
  • Provide a conduit for visitors to easily find information about your products and services
  • Connect you with your clients with the use of well placed calls to action (cta) to nudge visitors to take that next step to contact you or make a purchase.
  • Quality visuals
  • Re easily readable and navigable
  • Drive legitmate traffic

Examples of some recent WordPress web design work

Client since 2010, website recently updated.

Client since 2005, website updated in the Fall of 2018.

Client since 2017.

Client since 2010, Directory website.

Client since 2013, recent website design update.

Client since 2005, recent website redesign.

Client since 2010, recent website redesign

Client since 2005, site redesigned in 2015

Client since 2007, redesign in 2017.

Client since 2011, redesign in 2015.

Client since 2011, redesign in 2015.

Links to some of my WordPress website design work

Here are examples of just some of the WordPress websites I have developed for clients over the years.

My WordPress Journey.

In the beginning,

I solely built simple HTML brochure type websites.  These websites were strictly informational.  Many of my clients wanted a professional looking, well-designed website that provided information to visitors.  As the internet evolved and options became more user-friendly, responsive to new devices, secure and functional… my clients were looking for more sophisticated solutions that included more interactivity and some wanted the ability to edit their sites in-house.

After much research,

I determined that developing my skills and knowledge of WordPress was the best option to serve my clients.  The platform provides my clients with the most options for design, flexibility and function with an easy to use content management system for clients to self-edit. Over the years, I have experienced the WordPress community’s consistent commitment to staying current with search engine, security and design challenges.

I love working with WordPress!

I love working with WordPress!  Whether it is helping a client apply a template or designing a custom site, the platform is versatile, user-friendly and determined to keep up with the fast-paced environment of the dynamic world-wide web. Whether you have a new design project, a redesign, just some revisions or need some help troubleshooting a problem, reach out, and set up and appointment to discuss how I can help with your current or future WordPress project.


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