I received a Domain Registration invoice in the mail, is this real?

Not likely.  Where is your domain registered?  Is the notice coming from the same company your domain is currently registered?  Not sure where your domain is registered?  Click here to see the current information on your domain name.  This WHOIS search will give you information on the date the domain expires, where it is registered and more if you have not selected a privately registered domain.

If you do know your current login information, check your domain registration account. Ensure you have a current payment method and that registration is set to auto-renew so that you do not have to worry about it expiring.  Always pay for the maximum number of years you can afford.  Many registrars have limits on the number of years you can register a domain name.

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I received an email for a free review of my website’s SEO, should I do that?

Not recommended.  There are many spamming companies, emailing domain owners of promises to improve traffic on your site.  Legitimate SEO professionals, can indeed help to improve traffic on your website.  I recommend, asking fellow business owners who they are using to get results.  Get a recommendation.  There are great companies out there.  They are not sending out emails with promises of free reports and results.

I got an email to help me achieve a first page Google ranking, can they really do that?

Again, not likely.  This sort of work takes a long term approach.  Get a recommendation from someone you trust for a reputable SEO company getting results.  No legitimate SEO firm will promise front page placement.  That is a result of time and/or money.  It takes work.  Good SEO companies can help you to develop good optimization strategies, establish a blog, help you promote it, work on legitimate methods with proper backend coding and on page keyword placement.

There are also those individuals using improper methods.  These people can use methods that can be detrimental to your website’s integrity.  I had a client’s site get blacklisted because of a company’s “blackhat” methods. It is even more work to dig yourself out of that hole.

As you are the expert with your company, an SEO professional will provide much better knowledge and experience on how to help you meet your goals. But for those with low budgets and the time to learn, there are tools available to help you optimize your website.  Good SEO, getting good page rankings in competitive terms takes an investment of time and knowledge.  If you do the research, you may be able to make improvements yourself and see enough results for your needs.  The Yoast Plugin for WordPress websites, is a great tool to learn what google is looking for and how to improve your page content and structure.  Or you can hire a company to maximize the potential of your wesbite.

Google’s algorithms change regularly in response to our ever changing digital world, to better help individuals to find what they are looking for. Yoast has proven to be very responsive to those changes to help individuals continue learning how to best optimize their site. This is an on-going process, but taking the time to learn will help you to make your website a better tool for your business.

I got a call from a Google Business representative, what should I expect?

This is not a Google Business employee.  It is a person selling a service for assisting with Google Business listings.  I recommend you ask friends for recommendations and/or hire a reputable SEO professional to set up your google properties properly to provide the best possible results for your long term marketing goals.


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