Working with my robotics kids feeds my soul!

And, while that is my number one motivation for volunteering.  The benefits run much deeper than the rewarding feelings.  More than 30 years of volunteering for various organizations has proven to me year after year that my creativity flourishes with my volunteer work. Yes, I love creating great work for my clients.

Before I graduated and became a professional, I learned the art of design.  When I took a break from work to raise my son, my volunteer work kept my skills sharp and provided opportunities to network.

As I became a freelance designer, and volunteered with St. Margaret Mary School and Church, Winter Park High School and eventually 4-H Exploding Bacon Robotics, my current passion, I gained the opportunity to practice, sharpen and improve my skills and knowledge.

Working with the robotics team, I mentor students in graphics, branding and communications skills.  Designing for an with young people stretches my skills from beyond the standard designs of professional design to think outside the box and be a better designer.

Young people are always on the cutting edge of new tools and they keep me aware of tools that otherwise may be a year or two out of mainstream use.  These tools help me to better serve my clients.  And, in the end develop me as a better person in our community.  Making a difference. Building connections. Preparing students for careers with enhanced soft skills to be better team mates and leaders