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by | May 12, 2020 | Branding

There are too many options! You can spend a lot of time endlessly surfing the web for free or inexpensive resources.  Here are some of my favorite tools and information to make your work quicker and more effective.

Color Resources

If you are producing a lot of branded material, consider investing in a Pantone chart, but if like most organizations you just need to know your couple of colors check with your printer to get those color values. Then you can use those colors consistently on other project.

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Once you have your Pantone (PMS) branded color values, you can do an online search for color conversion charts or tools to get the values for those colors in RGB, CMYK and Hexadecimal values for use online and in your Microsoft Word documents for consistency. You may see slight differences — as colors in print are made with ink and colors online are made with light, but consistent use of a set of values will save you time looking for the closest color.

Font Resources

A couple of font sites I check regularly to find that perfect font for the right project with free or low cost fonts available are Font Squirrel and Google Fonts.  But remember when selecting your fonts, less is more!  Don’t make you customers work to understand your message.  Look for a couple of easy to read fonts that are compatible with your branding.

Stock Images sites

With millions of available images out there, you can spend hours looking for the perfect picture.  Think about the keywords you are using, don’t see the right results — change your search words for something a little different or a more narrow scope for the search.  If you need stock artwork, chances are it is out there with companies offering: stock photos, vector graphics, video, and audio. Check out the following sites. I use them all depending on where I find the right pictures.

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Downloadable Tools

Check out these downloadable resources to supplement your branding efforts. 

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