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Concierge hosting, stress-free set-up and email set-up.

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Website hosting is the location of your website on a server. The service is often paid quarterly or annually. Website hosting usually includes email hosting as well. As one of my clients you will have the option to have the access to set up the email accounts you need for your business or organizational requirements or I can set up your accounts as part of the customer service.

The server your website would be located on a CloudServer. If the physical node hosting the server fails, the CloudServer will be re-provisioned elsewhere and rebooted within a few minutes. This is not the case with standalone servers, where hardware would be replaced as required before the server could be restored.

Customized hosting plans available.
For custom plans that include stress free site maintenance and hosting in one price just ask for a quote.

I aim to make custom website maintenance and upgrading easy and afforable for small business and non and not-for-profit organizations.

To set up or transfer your site, Email.
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If you need to establish a professional online business presence that is afforable, reliable and will be responsive to your individual needs. I have solutions to meet your web hosting needs. And as your business grows, I have a range of Web hosting plans and custom plans that provide you with the features, disk space, and bandwidth you'll need.

Disk Storage
Data Transfer
Domain Registration
Monthly Fee
recommended for...
Meets the needs of
most small business
For sites with high traffic, many images and/or large email capacity needs.
A Website needs to be dynamic to be useful to your clients and indexed as an active contribution to your industry. Maintenance programs are available based on the size and expected hours of service needed. Quotes provided upon request.
Maintenance programs start at $65.00/month

Not for Profit Monthly Website Hosting Subscription

Business Monthly Website Hosting Subscription

Not for Profit Monthly Website Hosting & Basic Site Maintenance Subscription

Business Monthly Website Hosting & Basic Site Maintenance Subscription

Choose the plan that meets your needs or customize a plan with a site maintenance program.

All packages include: FTP Manager, Frontpage Extensions, CGI support, MySQL Databases,
Web / FTP Stats, Manage Email Accounts, Email Forwarding, Webmail and more..

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