This page is designed to provide you with basic assistance when you believe you may be experiencing a hosting/internet problem.
This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but a resource.
Please print or save this pdf to refer to in the event of technical difficulties.
Please email for a request of a pdf of this page.

Thank you, Elise

If you can view this page. The server is currently up.

If you are having trouble emailing me at try

Internet access and email are essential in today’s business environment and your client satisfaction is important to me. There are many possible problems when you can not get online or receive your email. Most likely you have experienced downtime, or had to reboot your computer, server, and or router to get things working again. In most cases this will solve the problem.

In order to help me diagnose the problem, please run through the following and be prepared to answer the questions below when you call.

Of course first…
Reboot computer
Reboot server – if applicable
Reboot router and modem – if applicable

Can you send or receive email or neither? …intermittently?
Can others on the network send or receive email or neither? …intermittently?? - if applicable
Can you currently go online?
Can you see your website?
Can you access your website control panel?
Have any recent changes occurred around the time you started having problems? (storm, hardware/software modifications, etc…)


If you are using a wireless router and you can receive emails, but not send try changing the port: to port 26 from 25 or 587.
Go tool your email account in Outlook, To >Tools, >email accounts, to >more settings and change the setting under the >Advanced Tab.

If you can not see own website, control panel or send/receive email – your IP address may have been added to a blocked list.
Before calling me please visit - go to this website and it will tell you what you ip address is,
then call me with this information - or email me at if you have access to another email program..