Elise's Rules of Design

White Space is a very good thing - it gives room to view and appreciate a good design.

Bold and Italics are for emphasis.
If you emhasize everything, nothing will be important.

ALL CAPS in print is the same as screaming.

Work with what you like. Use colors and images that appeal to you.
What do you like?

Often it is more effect to use one big image than many small images.

Use appropriate colors and images for your project.

Think about your audience. You would not use the same colors to market to professionals as you would to children.

Do not clutter your project with too much activity.
Only include what needs to be communicated, use your design and placement to emphasis key points.

Make sure to include contact information and a call to action where appropriate.

Do not use too many fonts. It adds CLutter.

Good writing is important. Spelling and grammer are important. Take the time to proof read your marketing materials and find someone else to proof read it too! People do notice when you mispill words. You did notice right?

There is a place and time for everything though.
If you really think you need it, try it with and without it and see what gets your point across more effectively.

...and most importantly have fun with it!

But if you need professional help with your project, contact me.